Resilience on the Periphery: Understanding the Impacts of Population Displacement on Infrastructure Systems Beyond the Disaster Zone

International Journal of Emergency Management

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Identity, Attribution, and the Challenge of Targeting in the Cyber Domain

Marine Corps University Journal, Spring 2016

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Catalysts of Military Innovation: A Case Study of Defense Biometrics

Defense Acquisition Review Journal, Spring 2016.

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The Individualization of American Warfare

Parameters 45, Spring 2015.

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Is Military Science Scientific?

Joint Forces Quarterly 75, Fall 2014.

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Images of Enemy and Self in the Age of Jefferson, the Barbary Conflict in Popular Literary Depiction

War and Society Journal 28, October 2009.

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Contractors and Intelligence: The Private Sector in the Intelligence Community

International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 22, October 2009.

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Commercial Augmentation for Intelligence Operations: Lessons Learned from the Global War on Terrorism

Defense Acquisition Review Journal, December 2007.

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