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The Third Force is the dramatic conclusion of The Gisawi Chronicles. The Democratic Republic of Gisawi is on the verge of historic elections after the ousting of the county’s longtime dictator. The fragile democracy is imperiled when an infamous warlord and his rebel army threaten to send the country into chaos.

Meanwhile, superpower rivals are scheming for advantage, manipulating the presidential election, and claiming their share of the prize. When Colonel Louie Bigombe emerges as a surprise candidate, it’s unclear who’s supporting him and why. He must discover the truth as the campaign turns deadly for those he most wants to protect.

Praise for The Third Force

The Third Force offers an all too real finale to the Gisawi Chronicles…a cautionary tale about nation-building run amok. Fiction often gets to a higher truth. The Third Force proves it.”

— Kevin Maurer, NY Times Bestselling co-author of No Easy Day.

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Resilience on the Periphery: Understanding the Impacts of Population Displacement on Infrastructure Systems beyond the Disaster Zone

International Journal of Emergency Management

Disaster-induced displacements impact communities on the periphery of disaster zones when demand pressures push infrastructure systems beyond their design capacity. As displacement events become more complex, disruptive, and prolonged, they threaten both “hard” infrastructure systems (transportation, energy, water, and communications) as well as “soft” infrastructure (health care systems, emergency response, public safety, and education).

This research applies a comparative case study analysis, examining displacement during three disaster events: Hurricanes Katrina and Maria and the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. Several factors influence how community-level infrastructure systems respond to the demands of supporting evacuees: the nature of the triggering event, the dynamics of the displacement, levels of social vulnerability among the affected population, and the pre-disaster capacity of infrastructure systems.

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