New Release: War Under the Mango Tree

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Praise for War under the Mango Tree

“Loaded with plenty of whiskey-tango-foxtrot moments, War Under the Mango Tree is a thoroughly entertaining lampoon of the US military machine via a fictionalized mission in an equally fictional Central African country… Not since Catch 22 has a novel this brilliant come along. Five cheeky stars!”

— David Edlund, USA Today bestselling author of “Guarding Savage”

“. . . a brilliant satire of the hypocrisy, bureaucracy, banality, and ineptitude of the military—as well as the sinister agendas and left-handed ways of the profit-hungry companies that work with them. Like the classic film Dr. Strangelove, War Under the Mango Tree is scathingly funny and often feels absurd—yet other times, all too real.”

— David Aretha, editor of multiple award-winning military books