Coming October 2020

Operation Hermes is the dramatic sequel to the satirical novel War Under the Mango Tree. After a high-tech manhunt kills notorious warlord Daniel Odoki, the Democratic Republic of Gisawi teeters on the edge of chaos. An economic crisis and rioting in the streets threaten to topple the government of the longtime American ally.

Amid the turmoil, the country’s aging autocrat looks to Beijing for support, raising fears in Washington of a new superpower rivalry emerging in Africa. With the country’s future hanging in the balance, spies, diplomats, and soldiers race against time and each other to get their own candidate into power.

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At a remote military camp in Africa, a small detachment of American soldiers and their local allies wage a high-tech manhunt to neutralize the notorious warlord Daniel Odoki and defeat his rebel army. As the quixotic campaign unfolds, a cast of glory-seeking generals, rapacious mercenaries and corrupt government officials are determined to finish off Odoki, though each for different reasons. Meanwhile, a hapless band of compatriots, pawns in a mysterious shadow war, race to discover the truth about Odoki before it’s too late.

In the tradition of writers such as Joseph Heller, Kurt Vonnegut, and Evelyn Waugh, War Under the Mango Tree is a darkly painted satire of war, money, and corruption on the far-flung reaches of Pax Americana.

Praise for War Under the Mango Tree

“Loaded with plenty of whiskey-tango-foxtrot moments, War Under the Mango Tree is a thoroughly entertaining lampoon of the US military machine…Not since Catch 22 has a novel this brilliant come along. Five cheeky stars!”

—David Edlund, USA Today bestselling author of “Guarding Savage”

“. . . a brilliant satire of the hypocrisy, bureaucracy, banality, and ineptitude of the military. . .scathingly funny and often feels absurd—yet other times, all too real.”

—David Aretha, editor of multiple award-winning military books

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