War Under the Mango Tree

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At a remote military camp in Africa, a small detachment of American soldiers and their local allies wage a high-tech manhunt to neutralize the notorious warlord Daniel Odoki and defeat his rebel army. As the quixotic campaign unfolds, a cast of glory-seeking generals, rapacious mercenaries and corrupt government officials are determined to finish off Odoki, though each for different reasons. Meanwhile, a hapless band of compatriots, pawns in a mysterious shadow war, race to discover the truth about Odoki before it’s too late.

In the tradition of writers such as Joseph Heller, Kurt Vonnegut, and Evelyn Waugh, War Under the Mango Tree exposes the absurdities of modern warfare as it intersects with media culture, technology, politics, and big business. The result is a darkly painted satire of war, money, and corruption on the far-flung reaches of Pax Americana.